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Cuming County

When European settlers first came to Cuming County, they saw only what the Omaha, Pawnee, Otoe, and Ponca, and a few early trappers and traders had always seen: grass. They found acres of big bluestem, little bluestem, switchgrass, and sideoats grama. With slough grass growing as tall as a man on horseback, landmarks--a lone tree or a bend in the river--helped them find their way home to families burrowed into their dugouts like gophers on a mound-dotted prairie. Beginning in the 1860s, railroad tracks crisscrossed the state, bringing Germans, Bohemians, Scandinavians, Irish, and more. Eventually, a network of dirt roads, graveled county roads, and paved highways replaced the deer paths and Indian trails. So has run the winding path of Cuming County's continual transformation into a patchwork quilt of farm fields, cattle yards, homes, and businesses, stitched together with the firm threads that make a county strong.

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LaRayne M. Topp has enjoyed the world of freelance writing since she began putting words together for the local newspaper in 1987. A journalist and English major by education, Topp is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild, a writing organization founded in 1925 by Nebraska writers of note: Willa Cather, Bess Streeter Aldrich, John G. Neihardt, Mari Sandoz and others. She is a stringer for a daily newspaper; has been a contributing editor for a number of regional and national magazines; and is also both a novelist and non-fiction writer, both traditionally published and an Indie author. Her books are available in digital or print on Amazon. They include the following:

Her most recent: Just Go: The Idea Book, Discovering What You Have to Offer

Eighty-one Seconds: The Attack and Aftermath as Tornadoes Hit Pilger, Stanton, Wakefield and Wisner, Nebraska

Letters from Lee: One Man's Story of Vietnam

Women at the Reins: Farm Memories Based on the Collection From Mules to Microwaves

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