I Promised Not to Tell

Raising a transgender child

A READERS' FAVORITE 2017 BRONZE MEDAL AWARD WINNER. When you have a baby girl you envision many things for her life but becoming a boy is not one of them. This book will benefit anyone who would like to learn more about gender dysphoria and is an absolute must-read for a parent, relative or friend of a gender-questioning or transgender person. This deeply personal parenting memoir is about discovering the son she never knew she had. An unforgettable LGBT true story everyone should have the opportunity to read. Honest, moving and well written, you will not be disappointed!

"I Promised Not to Tell is quite possibly one of the most important books to date on a very controversial and little understood social issue: transgenderism. If you are facing such a situation with your child, I urge you to read this book. Both you and your child need what Cheryl has so kindly shared with readers and parents. And when you do, I'm sure you will come away impressed not just by the courage shown by Jordan in this book, but by the love Cheryl and her husband have for their children and their compassion for all people. I loved I Promised Not to Tell. Couldn't put it down. Highly recommended reading." ~ Viga Boland, Readers Favorite

What is unique about this story is that it follows one transgender child from birth through age eighteen. You get a real sense of what this family went through. Their son's desperate effort to conform to societal gender norms, a suicide attempt, a family members struggle between God and transgenderism, a heartbreaking death and much more. Every step of their son's transition from female to male (FTM) is discussed in detail, including hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgeries. This book shares it all in the hopes of making a difference in what seems like a harsh and cruel world for transgender people.

In the beginning, transgender was not even on this mother's radar. Cheryl went from knowing nothing at all about the subject to becoming significantly more knowledgeable. She partook in a journey of learning that evolved into one of self-discovery for her as much as for her transgender child. There were valuable lessons and gifted blessings along the way. There were also times of great heartache and pain. Mom was strengthened, she was tested, she wept and she prayed and in the end, she survived as did her transgender child.

The journey this family took is spelled out in the pages of this book in the hope that it offers encouragement, support and wisdom to others who may have found themselves on a similar path. Mom shares many of the resources she used along her own family's journey and extends to you a friendship that goes far beyond the pages of this book.

This is a uniquely written and thought provoking true story which transitions beautifully between the family's personal journey and some of the larger societal issues that face the transgender community today.

Even if you don't know a transgender person, this book will make you feel as if you do. Maybe you have been curious about this topic and looking for a book that can share honest and intimate details on the subject. If so, this book will certainly do that for you.

Coming out as a transgender person can be challenging. This book could be an excellent way to introduce the topic to parents and loved ones. Perhaps helping to pave the way to acceptance and understanding.

You May also wish to check out Evan’s 2nd book: What Does God Think? Transgender People and The Bible.  A non-fiction #LGBTQ affirming book.


"This book contains the most informative information that you will ever need to know about Transgenderism. It is a 'must read' whether you know someone who is Transgender, or just for your own general knowledge, about a little known, and misunderstood segment of our society. Cheryl has written a heart-wrenching, true story, and has spared nothing in the telling of her family's struggles, and in the end, the ultimate success attained by her wonderful son, Jordan. Cheryl has bared her heart and soul in her writing in order to share their story which will hopefully help others. I admire her courage, and the courage of her wonderful family. For the loving support that she is freely giving to everyone and for her Christian spirit. I Promised Not to Tell is a story of Love. Love of family is foremost, throughout this beautifully written book. I cried numerous times while reading this perfect gem of text. I learned so much and felt an understanding beyond belief when I came to the end of this book. The ending has another wonderful lifeline extended to the reader by Cheryl, when she offers additional help with a private email address, where she can be reached at anytime. In my estimation, Cheryl possesses the true spirit of Christianity. Not only is this book helpful with an abundance of contact information, right down to the names of doctors who are expert in their field, it is paramount in the Hope it is going to give to so many readers. Hope, for the Transgender community, and Hope, for others, who through the education found in this book, to be more open-minded and supportive of our Transgender community. Thank you Cheryl." - Amazon reviewer - 5 Stars


"I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a Transgender Child is a non-fiction parenting memoir written by Cheryl B. Evans. I was highly impressed with Evans' story and found myself cheering on her and her husband as they supported their son through each step of his transition journey. Evans writes beautifully, and her accounts of Jordan's and their lives is authentic and moving. As I read it, I wished that every parent of a transgender child would be so supporting and willing to embrace what at first glance seems a strange and unlikely scenario. I'm hoping that I Promised Not to Tell will be an invaluable guide to those parents who find themselves in the same position that Evans and her husband did. Towards the end of her book, Evans discusses the beauty of loving and accepting others as they are, and her message is even more urgent in today's political climate where transgender individuals have been demonized and made to feel unwelcome. I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a Transgender Child is a bright light showing the way to acceptance through knowledge, understanding and love, and it's most highly recommended." Jack Magnus for Reader's Favorite - Five Stars!

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Wife, mother, friend and author. Cheryl B. Evans was born and raised in Canada. She has been happily married to her husband for more than twenty-three years and together they have raised two wonderful children, one of whom is transgender. In her spare time, Cheryl is an avid reader of non-fiction books and when she isn't writing or reading, she enjoys painting on canvas with acrylics. Cheryl's close friend writes this about her: "As a person Cheryl B. Evans is determined, and ambitious, frank, persistent and supportive. She loves to laugh, drink flavoured coffee and eat chocolate. She will stop at nothing to support your kids, husband and family. She provides support to friends when they call crying. She is an advisor to all. No matter what the situation is she always comes out strong and smiling." Cheryl B. Evans" co-wrote another successful book under her real name. Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of her book "I Promised Not to Tell" we are unable to say much about her other book. We can tell you that it was also a non-fiction book and sold over 50,000 copies in Canada alone. In reviewing her current book "I Promised Not to Tell" we think you will find her to be an honest writer who speaks from the heart. It is the author's personal desire that the book leave a positive mark on the world helping others to better understand transgender people. Cheryl is on twitter @writtenbymom

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