“I Do” Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures

"This book is a MUST READ for anyone who is planning on getting married **OR** has already taken the trip down the aisle!"

15 years of memories from 1,400+ weddings as a professional videographer. There are plenty of entertaining stories to share with the readers!

Chapter titles include:

* Where's Grandma?

* Can I Get Your Autograph?

* Who Brought the Gun?

* Calisthenics in Formal Wear

"This book is a page-turner! Once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down until you're done!"

Complete Bridal Planning Checklist Included

“After reading this book, I’m thrilled that my wedding was so ‘average’.”

“Absolutely hilarious! This is the strategic, guerilla handbook to planning a successful wedding.”


on August 15, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
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About Kiersten Hall

Kiersten Hall has been writing stories all her life… In her head. She is finally taking the time to put those stories down on paper for others to read.

Her first book, “I Do” 15 Years of Wedding Misadventures, is a humorous memoir from her experiences of being a professional wedding videographer. With 1,400+ weddings to choose from, there are plenty of entertaining stories to share with the readers!

Corner Confessions ~ Everyone has a secret. What’s yours? Meet 14 individuals who have decided to clean at least one skeleton out of their closet by confiding in a complete stranger whom they meet at a local coffee shop. Unassuming and safe with no judgments passed, learn about these secrets first hand, as if you were a fly on the wall listening in during their confession. Although Corner Confessions is Kiersten’s second book, it’s her first fiction novel which is also set to be part of a series. The second book, in this series of three, is scheduled for a December 2017 release and the third and final book, in this series, is slated for 2018.

At the moment, besides the books listed above, there are 11 other titles waiting in the files to be written with more ideas entering whenever something piques Kiersten’s ‘vivid’ imagination. She is striving to release at least one book per year and is looking forward to sharing her stories with the world!

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