How to Create Your Balanced Life

If you have ever felt off balance in our fast paced world, How to Create Your Balanced Life offers ideas to regain your balance.

"Balance is not stagnant and not set in stone. It is flowing like a river. You must learn to navigate obstacles like sandbars, trees, the rapids and the rocks. You must work to stay balanced and not tip the canoe when you meet these obstacles. You must learn to look ahead to see the obstacles coming your way, and learn to use your paddle to steer and regulate your speed to maintain your balance as you move through the river of your life."

Through useful exercises, personal stories and numerous resources, Kolleen Meyer-Krikac will take you on a journey of self-discovery to identify your values and to create your balanced life based on your values. No two journeys are exactly the same because each person is so unique. You will be readjusting to find a new balance as you travel through different stages of life. Grab your paddle and your compass and learn How to Create Your Balanced Life.


I have a copy of this book for myself and I love it so I am ordering a copy for my brother for his birthday.

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About Kolleen Meyer-Krikac

Kolleen Meyer-Krikac, M.S. Ed., is a professional counselor, life coach and speaker with a private practice in Lincoln, Nebraska. She uses her personal and professional experiences to help her clients master the areas of their lives that are holding them back and to create a plan that will help them to achieve their goals while finding meaning and purpose. She enjoys teaching workshops and speaking about finding life balance and achieving goals.

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