Horse Sense

Jamie and Acorn's friendship is one for the books: their attachment is unbreakable, their mutual understanding uncanny and their adventures legendary. But one day everything changes. Jamie steps in to defend one of his classmates from his teacher and suddenly everybody turns on him. Worse, they use his friendship with a horse to bully him. Attacked on all sides, Jamie has to decide whether to desert Acorn or fight for what he truly believes in, both for himself and his best friend.


★★★★★ …A story about true friendship, the one with the capital F, pure and unfiltered, friendship as a loyal relationship that can be created if armed with patience and understanding toward the  other. — Barbara LIBRO che PULSA.---

★★★★★ …Jamie has a lovely story, and the author brings it out perfectly. This is a really good book for anyone of any age to read. — Serenity Sheild, Lovely Reads.

★★★★★ ...This book should be in Guidance offices everywhere. Vicky Brinius, Deal Sharing Aunt.

★★★★ …Every child that has ever been faced with not fitting in should read this book. — Jackie Anton, Backyard Horse Tales.

★★★★★ …This book is a perfect example of how important animal relationships can be to humans. — Joy Hancock, Aspiring Joy.

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Lapo Melzi is a poet, writer and filmmaker. A Fulbright scholar, he received his MFA from renowned NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He was featured in American Shoot Magazine’s prestigious “New Director’s Showcase” and his PSA for Black History Month “Black Rose” is part of the permanent media collection of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) of New York. After his second bout with cancer, he finally made the leap to novel writing and has never looked back. Horse Sense is his debut novel.

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