Hope in Small Doses

What is hope? Is it instinctive or learned? Is it necessary or possible? How can a life-long doubter bring it into her life?

Armed with questions, author Nikki Stern writes about a journey in search of a hope that will sustain her, especially after losing her husband on 9/11. The certainty-driven hope that insists on divine providence provides no help. Nor does the me-centric version that insists we're able to get exactly what we want whenever we want it.

The author decides to custom-tailor a version of hope that thrives even without guarantees because it allows for endless possibilities. Flexible, reasonable, and uplifting, it's a hope that works perfectly for our anxious times.

Hope in Small Doses is a 2015 Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal finalist. The award honors books that “illuminate, progress, or redirect thought."


Psychology Today:

"Stern has done a lot of written and spoken commentary on political, social, and cultural issues. In this new book, she manages to combine a personal conversational style with a round-up of the history, philosophy, and current thinking about hope. The book is nicely comprehensive. A very intelligent book."


Reader Reviews:

"When the headlines all seem sloshing over with fear, alarmism, doomsaying and apocalypse, I click into this book. Because all is not lost, even on the worst days, in the worst circumstances. We can still choose to learn, choose to think, and choose to hope."

"Accompanying Nikki on her journey of exploration has deepened and broadened my own appreciation of the many varieties of hope, and the most useful way of perceiving, relating to and engaging it."

“Stern [demonstrates] an ability to reach down into your soul and pull out emotions.”

“One of the most brilliant essays on being alive I have ever read.”

“Thought-provoking, life-changing, belief-challenging.”

“Stern is both a pragmatist and a dreamer. Hope in Small Doses explores how these two world views can co-exist without canceling each other out.”

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About Nikki Stern

Nikki Stern has published two non-fiction books. NPR host and author Kurt Andersen describes Because I Say So as embodying “even-keeled grace, tolerance and common sense.” Hope In Small Doses is a 2015 Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal finalist given to non-fiction works that inspire, provoke, and redirect thought. Nikki’s essays have appeared in three anthologies and in the New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today and Humanist Magazine. She shares author credit with David Landau on a series of interactive musical murder mysteries, published by Samuel French. Her short stories have appeared with several online literary magazines. The Former Assassin, her first novel, will be released in January, 2018. Nikki has also completed a hybrid mystery/science fiction novel, the first in a series about an unconventional law officer named Sam Tate.

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