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Hoochy Koochy

A Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery

After a long season of making baseball bats all Jake Eliam wants to do is relax and watch the World Series. But when his friend Catfish calls with what he says is easy money, his other job as a Private Investigator intervenes. Catfish’s former fraternity brother is looking for his own payday if can reunite all the original players in his ‘One Hit Wonder’ college band and is willing to pay big bucks to track down the one missing member, the lead guitar player. The only lead, his classic Fender that went missing at the same time. The trail meets up with a late night DJ, a beautiful hippie turned wealthy housewife, a stoned drummer with a shaky trigger finger, a mysterious son of the Dixie Mafia and a church where snakes are served up along side apple pie. The search ends up on a snake farm run by a fellow named Sweet Thang who has a penchant for old TV shows and speaking in rhymes. As secrets come crawling out like copperheads, Jake Eliam begins to think he just might end up a ‘One Hit Wonder’ himself.





July 7, 2018


I chuckled in many spots in Hoochy Koochy as Yeargin threw barbecue, baseball, Southern rock, shagging and snakes into one action-packed, clue-hunting mystery dripping with Georgia culture. It started in a full run with a detective getting rather sloppy yet succeeding with a small case. A PI who loves baseball, carves real bats, and rubs elbows with a dearth of characters created from quite an imagination. I caught myself picking up the story whenever I had a minute, squeezing in a chapter or two, until I binged the last third. If Mr Yeargin is half the personality of his role players, I bet he’s a hoot and a half. Quite the enjoyable read. And I’m downloading the next book as soon as I submit this review.


The Review: This book feels alive. Every page seems to breathe with life and atmosphere. The inside of Jake’s head is a wonderful place to be. He’s smart but knows he’s a working class stiff. He’s old fashioned, but adaptable. Jake Eliam moonlights as a private eye and his contemplative, easy-going style is a refreshing contrast to the bitter veteran that seems to be the standard for private detective fiction.


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Profile Photo Cliff Yeargin

About Cliff Yeargin

Cliff Yeargin has spent his life as a “Storyteller.” The bulk of that in a long career in Broadcast Journalism as a Writer, Producer, Photographer and Editor. Most of those years were spent covering sports, and in particular, Major League Baseball, where in Baltimore he was lucky enough to cover Cal Ripken Jr.’s very first and very last game…and hundreds in between. He started his career in the mountains of Western North Carolina where he shot the only video of the first 3-Point Goal in the history of NCAA Basketball. This is not FICTION…you can look it up!

He is the author of the Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery Series.

The books include the introductory Rabbit Shine and the second in the series Hoochy Koochy and the newest release MudCat Moon


Hoochy Koochy was named the 2016 Silver Medal Finalist in The Georgia Author of The Year Awards


Today he has returned to his native Georgia and works as an Editor/Producer for CNN.

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