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HERE WE ARE & THERE WE GO is Jill's memoir/travelogue written about her family's first ten years overseas and the humorous, crazy, and sometimes scary adventures they found themselves in.

A heartwarming travel memoir filled with temper tantrums, disorienting jetlag, and zany, once-in-a-lifetime family adventures. Who says you can't travel with kids? Dan and I find out we can do just that as we set off with our two very young kids, first to live and work on an island far out in the Pacific, then on to the continent of Africa with a few stops in between. Armed with strollers, diapers, and too much luggage, we travel to over twenty-five countries throughout a ten year span, while working together as international overseas educators. After surviving typhoon Yuri, almost being mauled by lions, and, being nearly shot by a presidential guard, we happily endure all of the good times and bad, while living life to the fullest. A decade's worth of experiences and lifelong memories remain with us, as we return to the U.S., now with two teenagers in tow, and begin to experience our very own version of reverse culture shock.


Normally I try to write reviews as objectively as possible, taking into consideration readership as a whole and not just my personal opinion. However, because Here We Are & There We Go is such a personal account of the Dobbe Family’s trials and tribulations as they move across the globe, it seemed only fitting that I make an exception. As a die-hard chick-lit romance kinda gal, memoirs, autobiographies and anything based on geography does absolutely not float my boat.

Surprisingly though, I found this particular book completely fascinating. Stories of moving to unheard of islands with small children, being confronted by armed guards and dinners containing cat had me glued to the pages, and it became almost impossible to put down. Dobbe’s excellent recall is an especially important factor as she gives real-life events an almost story-like quality with high levels of detail. I really liked the family unit and it put a smile on my face to read about such an amazing family unit, as opposed to cheating spouses, unrequited love, etc. As far as I am concerned the book was over far too quickly, but I came away with a fresh at life and feeling as though I had just travelled the world vicariously through Jill Dobbe’s eyes.

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Jill is an international educator and published author who writes about her experiences living and working in schools and countries around the world. She presently lives in her seventh country, Honduras, with her husband, Dan, and her Yorkie-Poo, Mickey. While working as an elementary principal, Jill also writes, travels, takes photos of the beautiful people and countries of Latin America, and muddles her way through the Spanish language. Jill loves her life as an international educator, and most days, feels like she is living her dream.

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