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H: Infidels of Oil

Infidels of Oil
H: Infidels of Oil

After a rudimentary H-bomb erupts half-a-world away in a Middle-Eastern oil field, global war appears imminent. Cultural beliefs and raw cowboy personalities fatally clash when terrorists smuggle several obsolete Soviet hydrogen weapons into west Texas. Their mission is an all-out nuclear-radiation assault on American oil fields. This border breach threatens to permanently poison vast strategic U.S. underground petroleum energy reserves.

Amid constant turmoil from production costs, plunging barrel prices, and predictions of a soon-to-be hydrogen-powered world; a handful of oilmen counter attack. Grit-hardened, these small-town roughnecks reluctantly realize that they are all alone with the enemy on the Texas desert. Under a looming cloud of nuclear fallout, they defy the imminent demise of not just their individual careers, but collectively their very lives.

The idea for "H" is taken from the front pages of today's news. “H” exposes a variety of contradictions in dogmatic assumptions and human values.


Best summer sweat this year." --INSONA Author Alliance Network ★★★★★
"Even under cold AC, you will still feel the intense heat from this read. Winner of our INSONA 'Original Premise Award' for 2017, Ray Palla brings fire to the west Texas desert. And we bet you'll love every drop of your best summer sweat this year."
"Rollicking ride." --Christian Sia, Readers' Favorite  ★★★★★
"Ray Palla's writing is awesome and the narrative voice is jovial and humorous. Right from the start, the reader is prepared for something like they have never read anywhere. Enter the boisterous gang of characters -- Wichita, Foot, Weasel, Marlboro, Pad, Sue and others -- who are every bit as convincing as they are entertaining. The author has a particular gift for dialogue and readers will love how he uses this gift to enhance the plot, deepen characterization, and explore the themes. H: Infidels of Oil is a rollicking ride with memorable characters. I found it impossible to put this one down. It's a story with a huge conflict and a satisfying denouement."
"Hottest book to hit the printed page this year ... unequalled capacity to rivet attention." ★★★★★

"H: Infidels of Oil by Ray Palla is the hottest book to hit the printed page this year. Terrorists infiltrate Texas oil fields and attempt to plant Soviet hydrogen bombs to activate a nuclear holocaust. They are almost successful, but for an incongruous group of roughneck oil drillers. By using natural wit, courage, and ingenuity the Texas oilmen manage to foil the terrorist plans and avert global catastrophe. With his characteristic style, Palla fills every page with electrifying suspense as events boil over with unremitting tension. With its unique plot and unequalled capacity to rivet attention, H: Infidels of Oil offers a rare and exciting read which will undoubtedly contend for best of the year among thrillers."
"Writer to watch." --Marsha Wright, BBC  ★★★★★
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About Ray Palla

The idea for "H" is taken from the front pages of today's news. "H" exposes a variety of contradictions in dogmatic assumptions and human values.

Ray Palla worked twenty-seven years, from the age of fifteen as a broadcast news reporter for several top-rated Texas radio stations including KVET/KASE in Austin and KIKK AM/FM in Houston. In 2016 Ray was nominated for inclusion in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

Palla began programming computer software applications in 1988. In 2001 he founded INSONA Corporation, a consulting firm for the information technology industry. In 2015 INSONA began hosting Palla's creation, INSONA Author Alliance Network, a collaborative platform for authors, editors, cover artists, illustrators, video producers, and publishing professionals in the field of literature self-publishing.

During his journalism career Ray interviewed astronauts who walked on the moon like Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin and the late Neil A. Armstrong; U.S. Senators, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and a host of other influential notables including: musicians, actors, comedians, sports legends, and everyday people. He also boasts awards for several national advertising campaign jingles for customers that include: Ford, Purina, and Exxon.

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