Greg’s Fourth Adventure in Time

Greg and Rose make a dynamic time-traveling team. So, the evil, artifact-stealing Pirate separates them, leaving Rose in the present and Greg stranded in the past. A mystery ensues as Rose must find Greg in time, literally in the past, all while Greg, his family, and friends struggle to survive. Come explore the mid-nineteenth century and our nation’s westward expansion, as more time-traveling individuals join this time-searching enterprise.

This hair-raising fourth installment in C.M. Huddleston’s Adventures in Time series provides older middle-grade to young adult readers, and history lovers of all ages with an authentic journey through the West, all while entertaining with humorous escapades and time jumps to remember! Come join Greg, his family and friends on this adventure they’ll never forget.


Greg's Fourth Adventure in Time joins others in the Adventures in Time series and tells of the time-traveling duo Greg and Rose, who are separated between past and present, leading Rose on a journey to locate Greg in the mid-19th century.

This fourth book in the series for older middle grade and young adult readers imbeds quite a bit of historical fact in its story, but retains the drama, strong characterization, and action of previous books in the series.

The terrain becomes rocky as Rose faces the Pirate, who specializes in stealing from the past, the possibility that her loved ones have been killed and buried in a previous time, and the certainty that anything they attempt will become steeped in pioneer experiences.

Rose's adventures read like a combination of history lesson, science investigation into the mechanics of time travel, and detective story as she unearths clues to Greg's fate and embarks on a series of journeys made realistic and thought-provoking by family encounters with people, events, and mechanics of living in pioneer times: "Dad explained how each pair of oxen had a particular yoke that fitted them better. This kept the yoke from rubbing and making sores. "Dad, how did you learn to do this?" "Oh, I watched a YouTube video made at an historic park demonstration," he replied without even cracking a smile."

Between the action, humor, struggles with the time-thief Pirate, and exploration of pioneer history, Greg's Fourth Adventure in Time makes for a winning series addition that prior fans will welcome. It will also appeal to newcomers, offering a recap of events that sets the stage for this latest adventure, and is a fine addition to both the ongoing series and the genre of YA time-travel stories as a whole.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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About C.M. Huddleston

C. M. Huddleston believes in enjoying your work and fulfilling your dreams. So, she became an Army wife, mother, elementary school teacher, archaeologist, and historic preservation consultant—she loved everyone of those roles. After doing all that, Connie remembered her dream, and in 2006, she finished and published her first book! Now she has fourteen published volumes, all dealing with our nation’s past. While six are fiction for written for children, teens, and adults, her other works are histories for adults on a variety of subjects. She has won awards for her books from Literary Classics, Kindle Book Awards, and Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

Connie writes in an upstairs office in a log cabin in Kentucky, where she lives with her husband Charlie and their Australian Shepherd Katie. Many days you’ll find her gazing out the window and seeing with her mind’s eye all of the events of the past that once occurred and planning how to make them into a story, just for you.

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