Goddess In The Silence

A mythically inspired observation of love and its effect on the human psyche, Goddess in the Silence creates quite the case for the feelings evoked by the powers of internal passion. Ranging from euphoric fantasies in “Siren’s Spellbound,” to a demonic hatred of a haunting past love, in “The Hellhound,” the works of author Robert Ahanes' second collection pay homage to the Greek goddesses who have inspired some of history's greatest love stories. Ahanes utilizes his unique romantic expression in a most engaging fashion to connect reader and the subject. As a series of captivating tales, Goddess in the Silence crosses a variety genre thresholds in a seamless, graceful fashion.


"Creative, Original, and Remarkable." - Delano Johnson, Author of Live Etah


"Find familiar feelings, emotions and characters in all of the poems." - Tina Stanciu, Readers' Favorite

"A good read for poets (novice or advanced) everywhere." - Katelyn Hensel, Readers' Favorite

"Enchanting from beginning to end, Ahaness expertly explores fantastical romance in mythic proportions." - Amanda McElroy, Indie Editor

"Pictorial Expressions of the Mysterious." - Erika Kind, Author of Enjoy Life

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About Robert Ahanes

Robert Ahanes is a poet in his late 20s, inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and has turned his love of paranormal phenomena and fantasy into a fulfilling career. Following his previous work, Sinister Witnesses, his sophomore effort, Goddess in the Silence, is an epic ensemble of mythologically inspired dark romanticism.

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