Forty-Two Reasons Why I Must Have a Motorcycle…Honey!

Persuasive Logic for Aspiring Bikers

This is a book of humor based on the foibles of men and women—but mostly men.

Seriously.  Any man who resorts to claiming that "God wants me to" in seeking his wife's approval to buy a motorcycle might as well tattoo "buffoon" in big block letters across his sorry butt.

And yet, our sympathies are with the narrator, who appears to be a decent soul gripped by motorcycle lust.  He has prepared his arguments with care, but has he overreached just a bit?

Ah, the things we do for lust.

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R. Lowell Hakes is a semi-retired newspaper editor and former publisher of his own advisory publications for Chamber of Commerce executives in the U.S. and Canada.

He has two decades of motorcycle riding experience and is now a twice-weekly blogger for the Iowa City Press-Citizen.  He enjoys radio controlled sailboat racing, composing music and goofing around with his seven grandchildren.

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