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2016 AWSA Silver Scroll Non-fiction Merit Award winner
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"As a former Microsoft Word instructor and a current book designer and consultant, this is my go-to reference for clients who desire to format their own book. Susan is very thorough and covers all the bases for DIY Word-to-Kindle formatting."
Melinda Martin,

While you are writing your book, you think about how it's going to be published. Many writers are now going directly to Kindle or other e-books. The first problem is how to format it easily without spending a great deal of money. The second problem is how to format it without technical know-how. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can format your manuscript for e-publishing. Susan K. Stewart is a writer, not a programmer. She has written, formatted, and published her own e-books. Formatting e-Books for Writers is written on practical experience and offers step-by-step instructions for taking your manuscript from a Word document to a published Kindle book. The content is based on classes Susan has taught for more than five years for writers and editors. You will find steps for how to format your manuscript while you are writing, create links and clickable table of contents, insert images, how to format your e-book for a good reader experience, how to avoid annoying errors, troubleshooting tips, Dozens of resources, marketing tips, "Formatting e-Books for Writers" includes instructions for Windows and Mac OS platforms.

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So much wonderful information!
Linda W. Yezak, Writer/Editor
Circle-Bar Ranch Series
Give the Lady a Ride
The Final Ride 

A comprehensive, well-written and best of all, VERY easy to understand book that delivers on its promises to guide authors who have wanted to tip-toe in the waters of learning to publish e-books on their own.
Mary Aucoin Kaarto
Author, Speaker and Encourager
HOPE for the LAID OFF - Devotionals

Susan’s insights are practical. I’m so grateful she has compiled them into a book. I could really apply this RIGHT NOW.
Nicolas Nelson
Wordsmith Writing Coaches

After taking the class, I think the book does an excellent job of bringing together all the finer details of formatting e-books. I feel this book is comprehensive enough to give even a newbie like me, a good big-picture of what formatting eBooks is about as well as an excellent guide as to how to do it.
Sharon Ford
Freelance Proofread/Copyeditor

Susan Stewart has written an excellent guide to self-publishing e-books. Susan formatted the guide in a logical fashion with easy-to-understand steps to follow for each part of the process. Anyone who chooses to self-publish should have Formatting e-Books for Writers … they’ll find the suggestions enable them to publish a professional book.
Deb Haggerty
Blogger and Freelance Editor
Positive Grace

Profile Photo Susan K. Stewart

About Susan K. Stewart

I’m Susan K. Stewart and my passion is to inspire you with practical and real-world solutions for your family.

How do I do that?

My husband and I began homeschooling in 1981 and two weeks later was handed a leader’s hat. Through failures and successes I learned real-life homeschooling. Although our youngest child graduated in 2000, we didn’t leave the homeschool community. I share practical ideas for teaching your children in the way God leads you.

**Being Ready
Our family has found it practical to ready for any unexpected situation. Two years into our homeschooling adventure, my husband lost his job. It was another two years before he found full-time work. We lived in California at the time and were always ready in case of an earthquake. We found those preparations helped us maintain our homeschool and our sanity.

Being ready for those unexpected situations is practical and important. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, you don’t need an underground bunker full of MREs, or a hidden mountain hideout.

**Mission Statement
I serve God and others by offering real-world solutions based on my real-world experiences. I strive to be open, honest, and practical to inspire others to move forward.

**Random Factoids About Me
I went to 14 different schools, including 3 high schools, before graduating.
When I graduated from college, I was eight months pregnant with my second child when I waddled on the stage to receive my diploma.
I have three pencil drawings from the Civil War era. My great-grandfather drew them.
I love doing research. I was the kid who got excited about doing a term paper.
I trained to dance in the San Francisco Children’s Ballet.
I am a Jesus lover.
I’m a chronic planner. My children say I plan spontaneous activities.
I was raised in California urban areas (i.e. San Francisco Bay Area) and love living on my rural acreage in Texas with three dogs, three cats, five chickens, and a peacock. (Oh yeah, and a husband.)
I have three incredible and successful children and five of the smartest, cutest, and best grandchildren – ever.
I love to travel by train.
I began my writing career with a neighborhood newspaper that I wrote and copied by hand, generally with a pencil because I make so many mistakes.
I ran for a local elective office. That’s off my bucket list.
I’m an introvert, but I love sharing practical ideas as a speaker.

Christian Writers Guild International
Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network
Teacher: Introduction to E-books
Creating an E-book
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
NAMI Family-to-Family teacher
family support group facilitator
Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA)
Charter Member
Certified Parent Educator Certificate (CPEC) teacher
Advanced Writers and Speakers Association
2016 Silver Scroll Non-fiction Merit Award winner
Non-fiction Writers Association
Electronic Publisher Industry Coalition (EPIC)
Vice President (current)
New Voices, Young Writers Competition (judge)
EPIC’s E-book Competition (judge)
CLASS graduate, 2004

CHEA of CA Conventions, Bay Area and Annual (multiple years)
California Homeschool Network Conference, 2007
Home Schoolers of California Expo (Multiple years)
How To Homeschool Online Conference (2012)
Ultimate Homeschool Expo (2011)
Writers of Kern (multiple years)
Muse Online Writer’s Conference (multiple years)
Catholic Writers Online Conference (multiple years)
Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network Convention (PENCON) (multiple years)

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