For the Greater Good

When Jeff, a specialist in black operations, learns that his brother had died while in police custody in Yemen, he flies in looking for answers. However, he soon finds himself involved in a plot to assassinate the self-proclaimed President of Yemen. By doing so, it would not only revenge his brother's death but possibly save the country, as well as a prevent a potential threat to world peace. His means of carrying out this task are far from the usual method of a snipers rifle or a bomb. Instead, by using his skills to adapt innocent toys, although this might seem quite a novel approach, prove both deadly and highly efficient.

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As an expat who worked in fifteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa, Colin Guest has lived a life most only dream. He has self-published seven books. Two have been made into Audiobooks, with three more due to be completed early 2019.
A number of Colin’s articles have been published in online magazines and one in a UK expat magazine. A local newspaper in Colin’s hometown in England published an article about him. In conjunction with Voyage Media, Colin prepared a pilot episode based on his memoir that they think could be suitable for a television series. Colin has taken part in several online interviwes and once took part in a live online American radio show. Colin uses his website www.colinguestauthor and various social media accounts to help publise his books.

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