Follow My Heart

Risking it all for a life in France

A series of negative events forces Frances to refocus on what she wants from life. Despite the risks, she sets off with hope in her heart to make a new life in France. What she finds is more than she imagined. Changing a life to this extent means there is no going back to a former life. Even her birthplace is irrevocably changed forever.

This book outlines how to dismantle a life in New Zealand and begin a new one at the other end of the earth. It's a story of hardships, loss, naivety, a search for love and belonging, with hope gluing it all together. Sometimes dark, sometimes hilarious, it's an honest and intimate insight into the realities and consequences of following your dream. It includes information on moving to France if you are not an EU citizen, negotiating French administrative processes, surviving French men and exploring one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Stop dreaming and start planning your adventures; you too can follow your heart but do it with eyes wide open. This is no time for rose-tinted spectacles!

For dreamers, travellers, immigrants, romantics, women and other adventurers.


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About Frances Lawson

Frances Lawson was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1955. She is a direct descendent of the Libeau family, one of the original French families who left Rochefort, France in 1840 to found a colony in Akaroa, New Zealand.

Originally a teacher, she spent years in the commercial and local government sectors before moving to France in 2010. A past contributor to New Zealand Geographic, she is author of the popular blog To the Ends of the Earth., visit the book site +33 6 71 44 94 32, Twitter: parisnewbie or

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