Fishing for Turkey

All seems well at this holiday feast, but before they can say, "Pass the salt," a sweeping deluge washes one family's entire Thanksgiving dinner into the flooded street. It'll take something pretty crafty to pull this dinner back together again. Can they make it?

A picture book.


"I LOVE the book. THE book is cute .I recommend it to my dad mikey brooks. I would say that I have something to relate to the story my grandpa's dog kept"

"My grandchildren laughed so much reading and looking at the drawings of "Fishing for Turkey." They have had floods where they live and wondered if that could happen to us on Thanksgiving. Toddlers of any age will love this story."

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About N. A. Cauldron

Originally from the land of Cupola, N.A. Cauldron now spends her time on Earth writing children's stories for all ages. Her other works include the Cupolian Series and the fascinating world of animal poop (yes you read that right-trust me, the kids love it!). She currently resides with various animals and talking furniture in the middle of Nowhere, TN

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