Fiery Red Faeire Dust

There is vast trouble in the royal kingdom, as a "Sorcerer" is lose in the realm. Allyce has become intimately involved with a man who is the royal guardian of the land. As time goes on she begins to wonder, who and just what is he in truth.

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About Ariel Rosetti

Ariel Rosetti was born in New York. She lives in Scotland periodically, with her family. She attended college in Westchester, County in New York and in Edinburgh, Scotland in the United Kingdom. She began writing novels several years ago; but with family and work it was difficult to devote the amount of time required to do the projects. Having moved to the country she enjoys the peaceful environment there and is able to bring a fresh perspective to the type of novellas and novels she creates.

Ariel is a writer of, “Erotic” novels and also loves to fashion this topic into “Fairy Tales.” Ariel is fascinated with medieval history and magical lore. Ariel believes that passion and the desire for true love is what drives us to search for that special person, to ultimately share our life and love with.

She writes this type of story in order to delve into the deepest feelings of serious love, passion and the intense desires of lovers.

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Ariel is the published author of the:

“The Kiss the Lovers“                                                    Published 9/2012


“Allyce in Wunderland” series:

“Allyce in Wunderland Book” 1                                Published 9/2012

“The Sentinel and Allyce Book 2 – “Home “             Published 10/2012

“Allyce and The Duke de La Massapinot”                 Published 06/2013

“No Mercy” Book 3“                                                      Published

“Allyce in Wunderland Book 1 Revisited                  Published 09/2013

“The Sorcerer” Book 6                                                  Published-2015

“Fiery Red Faerie Dust”   Book 7                               Published-2015

“The Duchess-The Siege” Book 8                              Published-2015

“To die and live again”                                                Pending publication


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Erotica Readers and Writers Association



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