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Sequel to NamuH

The epic battle between the Circle Eldership and the Bands Namuh continues. It has been three years since Dara and the bands raided the inner sanctum of the seventh elder and rescued the Namuh in its chamber of horrors. In doing so , they exposed the Circle Eldership’s deepest secret .
Word spread from one Circle complex to the next. The Luza Plague which had held them in bondage for so long, was a fabrication and the Namuh were normal infants, selected for their eye color; then surgically altered both body and brain to produce a fictitious species used as slaves by the eldership.
Deserters from the Circle populations are trickling in to join the bands, but far fewer than the bands need to sustain the battle. In response to these desertions, the Senior Seventh Elder, Fo-Dertah along with his fanatical, psychopathic ,acolyte Traehlive have unleashed a weaponized savage version of the Namuh. Ferals!
The Ferals, only marginally controlled by the Circle Black Watchers, are engineered with an unquenchable desire to kill and devour flesh. They rake havoc on the Circle population eroding the fledgling revolution as the Eldership convinces the people the Ferals are freed, renegade Namuh who have reverted back to their savage ancestry.
Dara and her friends struggle to find a solution to the problem of the Ferals; free the remaining NamuH and end the scourge of the Circle. At the same time, Traehlive launches a diabolical plan to annihilate the Bands Namuh , exact his revenge upon Dara and secure the position of Senior Elder of the Circle for himself. A final battle is looming and only one group will survi

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About E. A. Snowden

E.A. Snowden lives in Birmingham, AL.  She is an avid reader with a preference for fiction - specifically, science fiction. The use of dystopian novels such as Animal Farm and Frankenstein as a medium for delivering critical social commentary in a digestible way has always intrigued her. Emotions and motive are the timeless tools present in her novels. A retired social worker and former Marine Corps Officer, she completed her debut novel, NamuH, in 2016. In writing NamuHshe choose to follow in the footsteps of her favorite authors and create an compelling, cryptic society in a dystopian universe that's manipulated by governmental lies and is oblivious to the grim truth. Ferals, the sequel, to this work continues the epic story.  Ms. Snowden in currently working on her third novel.

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