Fathering the Fatherless

Fathering the Fatherless deals with Fatherlessness and what it does to children and The choices they make in there life. What you can do as a dad to fix it.And do better for your Children to come to know they have a father that loves them and wont leave them, You & God


HI Todd,

Thank you for sending along all of this great information, along with the files of your book, and for your patience as I took the time to review everything. Your story is very inspiring and I think you have a message that could resonate well with organizations and clubs you might be able to connect with in your local/regional area to offer support to others through speaking.

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Todd Johnson is a father, Work's Night's at a community center. Lives in Minnesota now  for past 12 years.

Todd R Johnson lives in frazee mn born in Niagrafalls ny 1973 grew up in PA & Fl Now lives in MN. I have a Heart for making the best diffrents in my children life as there Earthly Father.

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