Family Business: An Outer Banks Crime Mystery

Dare County Sheriff Martin Tate and his ex-detective friend Paul Treadwell chase a vindictive serial killer menacing North Carolina’s Outer Banks in this debut thriller.

When authorities find the body of a woman in her ransacked home the crime scene looks like a robbery that went terrifyingly out of control. However, there are several items left behind in plain view that appear to be totally out of place to Marty Tate, a seasoned investigator. Tate decides that he’d like another opinion on the case, so he enlists advice from former Northeast Ohio detective, Paul Treadwell, now the owner of the Brown Pelican Restaurant in Duck. Two years ago, Paul and his wife, Megan, a former nurse, won a sizable fortune in the Ohio Lottery. After careful consideration, they decided to relocate and become permanent residents of the Outer Banks.

When Paul finds another piece of unusual evidence at the ransacked cottage, Tate’s original suspicions are confirmed. A homicide has been committed here disguised as a robbery gone horribly wrong.

Together with other highly trained and motivated law enforcement personnel they forge ahead in order to identify and apprehend a deadly intruder to these shores who meticulously continues his killing spree as the tourist season rolls along.

The good guys know that there is no such thing as a “perfect” homicide. Even the craftiest of killers makes a mistake or two. Nothing new there. The problem for the good guys is that their killer hasn’t gotten the memo on that one. He’s good. He’s exceptionally good at killing people and getting away with it.


“The point of view of the murderer too is effective; he’s terrifyingly scrupulous…it’s the largely unknown killer who makes the grandest impression.”  - Kirkus Reviews

"A grim, thrilling mystery. From this book's cold-blooded opening,readers know that they're in for a story told by a master of suspense.The patient, calculating and terrifying style that Colin Beckett puts on display in Family Business is unique and chilling, making it nearly impossible to put it down. Like all great thrillers, the novel provides readers with virtuous heroes to root for, a suspect to fear and loathe, and all the action in between to satisfy a morbid fascination with human nature's darker side." Self-Publishing Review, 5 Stars

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Colin Beckett has been a frequent visitor to the Outer Banks since 1985. He is a member of the Midwest Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. He lives with his wife in Northeast Ohio where he is at work on his next Marty Tate mystery.

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