A Fatal Cell Phone Video

The video shows what happened, but will a jury see what it wants to see?

A FATAL CELL PHONE VIDEO is a legal thriller involving a documentary-making class, a young Cincinnati attorney handling his first murder trial, and a prosecutor running for higher office on an anti-immigration, anti-Muslim platform.

Athough the case centers on a cell phone video, there’s also a frustrated middle-aged cop, a pair of serial killers, a human trafficking ring, and a tall black Muslim man lurking in the shadows.  

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Ann Lindsey Medawar, the activist daughter of a wealthy and politically powerful Cincinnati businessman, is murdered and her body dumped in Eden Park. On her cell phone, police find a video showing her husband, a rakishly handsome surgeon, going into a “hot sheets” hotel with a sexy Filipino nurse.

The husband, Rafiq A. Medawar, M.D., claims he went to the hotel to check on the desperately ill children of an undocumented woman newly arrived from Mexico. He claims his wife made the video as part of a class documentary on the plight of undocumented immigrants in the city.

The media insist on describing Dr. Medawar as Syrian Muslim. Complaining about illegal Mexican immigrants and Muslims, the prosecutor has seized on the case to score political points. The middle-aged, white police officer in charge of the investigation is angry and frustrated – and holds a grudge against Garner.

The murdered woman’s best friend and partner in the documentary project has her own theory about why Ann was killed.

Can Price Hill attorney Devin Garner successfully defend his friend?

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As Associate General Counsel for Humana Inc. in Louisville, Ky., he managed the team that handled the company’s internal investigations and litigation nationwide. Before that, he created the legal department for ChoiceCare Health Plans, Inc., the then-leading HMO in Greater Cincinnati.  He began his career with a large law firm in Cincinnati, where he handled product liability and insurance coverage litigation in courts around the country.

Gary Reed grew up in Covington, Kentucky.  He did his undergraduate work at Xavier University in Cincinnati, where he wrote for and edited the campus newspaper, The Xavier News. He got his law degree at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

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