Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye

Ethan Templeton Awakens The All-Seeing Eye: Fantasy-fiction that readers will enjoy. It presents a world in tug-of-war with good and evil, and you may find yourself rooting for the smart, determined Ethan throughout the story. I have written Ethan as innocent yet determined to help bring good to his world. Yes, Ethan is young, but still at the age when one still believes in the impossible.


Dear Ms. JulieJoe B.

I and my husband purchased your book, Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye and have been reading a chapter every night before bedtime. LOL, I felt like a kid saying that. We were reading chapter 9 and the part about Dr. Bradshaw becoming Pablo again brought tears to my eyes. It was so precious! I think it should be shared.

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Thank you for all your support over the years in writing Ethan Templeton.                                                                I know my first book didn’t turn out like I had expected it to! I know I wasn’t ready to have it published when LifeRich Publishing took it. But with some work I have made it the Book that I want it to be; renaming it Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye. I am excited to reintroduce it to you! Now it has the cover that I saw and all the details of the story that I was seeing in it. Once in a life time we find something that completes us. I am very thankful for the story of Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye. The story brought to life through imagination is just a big WOW! The book became its own life and given me a new perspective on life. It has opened a life in imagination in writing, and every chapter becoming more exciting! This book has been a great adventure. Special thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for helping me do this! And I hope you enjoy it. HAPPY READING!!!



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