Entertaining Chicago

Remembering the Places, Performers and Stories Throughout the 20th Century

Throughout the 20th Century, Chicago offered its residents a wide variety of entertainment venues, ranging from jazz, blues and comedy clubs to nightclubs and hotels and restaurants, where music was broadcast across the country, to legitimate theaters, movie palaces, classical and opera music, rock and roll clubs and sports that included championship baseball, football, basketball, hockey and bowling.  This book presents numerous stories about such wide ranging opportunities for entertainment from the perspectives of national and international performers as well as average Chicagoans who experienced such entertainment, including more than 80 interviews and almost 100 black and white photographs.

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About Neal Samors

Neal Samors, a Chicago native, is the award-winning author, co-author and/or publisher of twenty-eight books about Chicago, its neighborhoods over the decades, downtown, Lake Shore Drive, North Michigan Avenue, Chicago River, restaurants, and the airports.  His books have won three Independent Publisher Awards in History, along with several Illinois State Historical Society awards.

Bob Dauber, who grew up in Chicago, is a Creative Consultant who has worked in advertising and broadcast media throughout his career.  He lived in Dallas, Texas for 33 years where he was preeminent in the film/video production industry and was awarded the Dallas Producer Association's Film Pioneer Award in 2010.


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