Enterprising Women

A Practical Guide to Starting Your First Business
Enterprising Women: A Practical Guide to Starting Your First Business by Melina Druga

“What does it take to run a business,” you’re asking yourself. You have an idea and the desire to become self employed, but have no idea where to begin.

Everyone likes the idea of working for herself and being her own boss, but it's not as easy as simply desiring it. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are falsely under the impression that, “if you build it, they will come.” In truth, you cannot expect customers to know your business exists or to even care if they do. Running a business takes hard work, persistence and dedication.

Enterprising Women is a guide to the basics of launching a startup. The subjects discussed in include deciding what type of business, planning, marketing, and dealing with the pitfalls of self employment. It also includes advice from female business-owners on following your dreams.

This book is for women who would like to start a business but are unsure what business ownership entails. It is for those interested in women and business, motivation and self improvement, success self help, entrepreneurship, small business and entrepreneurship.

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About Melina Druga

Melina Druga is a freelance journalist, history enthusiast and author.  Her focus is on the period 1890-1920 with a particular interest in WW1 and how the war changed the lives of ordinary people.   In addition to her books, Melina blogs mostly about history on her website with the goal of educating those who know little or nothing about the topic.


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