Elastic Walls

From Brooklyn to Texas and Points in Between

“Seemingly fixed, the walls of a house are really elastic, accommodating all sorts of things inside.” This collection of personal narratives, a memoir-in-vignettes, travels across time and place, reflecting on homes, family, relationships, pursuits, religion, and loss. From a childhood living above her parents’ hardware store in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn in the 1960s; to an adolescence in the beach community of Rockaway, where the shifting sands mirrored her mother’s departure; to a young adulthood studying science until she remembered earlier aspirations of being a writer; to a parenthood raising two sons one mile down a gravel road in the Hill Country of Central Texas, Eva Silverfine explores that which is enduring among life’s impermanent experiences.

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About Eva Silverfine

Eva Silverfine left New York City at the age of seventeen and arrived in Texas at thirty-eight. Between those two points she lived in six other states, earned a BS in Environmental Conservation, an MS in Ecology, worked in a research lab, and combined her background in science with interest in writing to become a copy editor. In Texas she has raised two sons, freelanced for a variety of academic presses, and continued writing memoir and fiction in the in-between spaces.

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