Dr. Food Approved Cookbook

There isn't a recipe in this cookbook that hasn't been tested, tasted, tweaked and
modified so it is the tastiest and easiest to make and enjoy! Lorraine has been a
vegetarian for over 20 years, and a vegan for the past 10. Following a vegan diet
helps her better manage her Crohn's disease. She doesn't consider following a
vegan lifestyle punishment, she thinks of it as all she can have, not what she can't have. Whether you are a weekend carnivore, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescatarian or just enjoy meatless meals , Rejoice! This will be the cookbook you have been searching for. Each and every recipe has been carefully analyzed and nutritionally evaluated so that you have all the nutritional information needed
for calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and sodium. Lorraine has also
included basic cooking guidelines, substitution ideas, portion size charts,
modifications, as well as, pictures! The main goal for this cookbook was to
promote healthy, clean, and plant-based recipes.

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About Lorraine Huntley

Lorraine is an author, motivational speaker, registered and licensed dietitian, and certified personal trainer who promotes nutrition, fitness, wellness and a healthy lifestyle approach. She holds both a BS in Nutrition and a M.Ed in Kinesiology. She believes that you can find balance in your physical and mental health with variety, moderation, persistence and determination.

Lorraine offers workshops, seminars, and classes on a diverse range of nutrition and fitness topics to community, corporate, and educational groups. She is a progressive and straight-forward professional who blends evidence-based nutritional science with the principles of functional movement and presents them in an engaging and inspirational manner. She enjoys
working with and inspiring people from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. She is a firm and strong believer that life has no limits and that anything is possible.

She owned and ran a successful private practice, Right Balance Consulting, LLC, for 7 years. She currently focuses her energy and expertise providing inspirational and motivation speeches about her role as a dietitian as it relates to her 30+ year struggle with Crohn's Disease. Lorraine is the proud author of her newly released book "Life Without Limits" (2014) as well as the author of the "Dr. Food Approved Cookbook" (2012). Lorraine is a dedicated runner and an avid fitness enthusiast, who follows a gluten-free vegan lifestyle.

She currently serves on many local community boards, reviews continuing education
materials and volunteers at various non-for profit organizations. Lorraine enjoys blogging about her challenges with Crohn's and how her experiences translate into helping others.

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