Down to Heaven

Two American scientists—Mason, a veteran medic of the Afghan War; and Tree, a research botanist—survive a helicopter crash atop an Amazonian jungle mesa where they discover an exotic Shangri-La. As the former lovers puzzle out the mystery of the ancient city and its all-female society, a strangely beautiful servant girl named Earth-Heaven entangles the pair in an erotic triad that could heal their souls or end their lives

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About Mark Canter

• former Senior Editor of Men’s Health magazine.
• nationally published short story author
• debut novel, Ember from the Sun, published in 10 languages, sold options on movie rights (three times), 11-city national book tour, TV and NPR interviews. The audio book was narrated by Irene Bedard, the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney animated film.
• second novel, Down to Heaven, published in four languages.
• non-fiction writing has appeared in The Baltimore Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, Yoga Journal, Shambhala Sun, Writer’s Digest and other periodicals.
• Degrees in journalism and the humanities, with highest honors.

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