Divorcing The Electric Company

An Insiders Guide to Going Solar

Don’t become roadkill on the road to energy independence. In this hard-hitting expose’, solar industry veteran, Scott Gordon, reveals how to navigate the treacherous waters of today’s residential solar energy marketplace. Should you buy or lease? How do you pick the right contractor and the best equipment? In a world of fast talking solar salesmen, how can you avoid common scams and rip offs? Who can you trust? With the onslaught of solar radio and TV ads, door-to-door canvassers, and telemarketers, solar messages abound. Ironically, this plethora of information and misinformation has left most homeowners confused and unsure whether solar will work for them. Revealing information previously available only to industry insiders this book cuts through the noise and gives you the information you need to get the very best deal on solar. You will learn insider ‘tricks of the trade’, save thousands of dollars or more on solar, and have solar salesmen shaking in their boots! Welcome to the Revolution.


Scott has done a wonderful job on outlining the ins and outs of the process to get solar in a very creative way - a divorce. I would recommend this book to anyone looking into this topic and urge them to read this before making a decision." - Matt R. on August 3, 2015

This book is a clear primer for someone going solar - the pitfalls, the scams, dishonesty, the things to ask and check, how to make oneself an expert and how to realize the benefits. And explaining the things to be aware of, not only when buying but also when considering solar leasing." - William H. on September 25, 2015


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Scott Gordon (1972 - Present) was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a single teenage mother at Boston Children's Hospital who taught him much about overcoming adversity. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1994, Scott relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a girl and his dreamjob in the film industry. Over two decades later, Scott's long left the film industry, and after working as an engineer for several years, is currently President of renewable energy company, HelioPower.
Scott's first book (co-written with Evan Gordon) entitled The Tinker & The Fold, started off as a father/son project that blossomed into a genre busting science fiction novel. Originally intended as a middle reader book, the issues confronting the middle school aged protagonist, Jett, have far reaching implications for all of humanity and receives equal praise from adult readers. The story maintains an action packed pace that makes it an engaging and fun read.
Scott's second book, Divorcing the Electric Company, is both a how-to-buy solar handbook and an insider's perspective on the very best and worst solar sales practices. Designed as a primer for the solar novice, the book is designed to help consumers navigate through the sometimes daunting and booby trap laden home improvement project that is known as residential solar power.

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