Diary of a Teenage Murderer

A hilarious look at teenage life in a book that has been described as 'Adrian Mole meets The Inbetweeners' Matthew Patterson is your run of mill, every day average 16-year-old school boy. The ‘Diary of a Teenage Murderer’ takes you through the day-to-day events of Matthew’s life. Dealing with the tricky things a teenager faces, such as: Mums, Dads, little brothers, best friends, girlfriends, exams and his grandmother’s facial hair. Then something happens to change the course of Matthew’s life forever. He is faced with the ultimate decision: Stay and face the music, or run and face the world alone.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Without question one of the most personable books I have read recently and a great introspective into the human mind 3 Feb. 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Amusing and provoking in equal measure it is incredible how the author has managed to detail the minutiae of everyday life that we can all relate to.

Without question one of the most personable books I have read recently and a great introspective into the human mind.

If you are need of an engaging read then look no further!

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best book that I've ever read 10 April 2015
By C. Baker
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
I have to admit that i was never really into books but my dad bought this me for my 15th birthday and i could not stop reading it. This was the best book that i have ever read. This book was just brilliant, it was a page turner i couldn't stop reading it. It was so hilarious, i couldn't stop laughing which i didn't expect due to the title of the book. This book was great at making you care for what happens to the main character. More people need to know about this book and read this book. I really hope that Emlyn writes more parts to this book as i cant wait to find out what happens next, it definitely deserves a sequel. What a great start Emlyn to being an Author keep up the good work

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By day Emlyn is a mild mannered secondary school teacher, but when evening falls he can often be found hiding away from his family in his endless quest to write the worlds greatest novel and discover the cure for capitalism.

Emlyn has written 2 novels and is currently working on his 3rd:

Diary of a Teenage Murderer: Emlyn's first book (released February 2015). The novel has been well received (particularly in India!) and is a warm hearted look at teenage life with a twist. The book is currently being developed into a script and plans are in place for it to be made into a feature film in the not too distant future. If you love Adrian Mole and books that make you laugh out loud then this one is definitely for you!
Part 2 is in development and will be available Spring 2016.

Trying to Run In Prison: Emlyn's second novel (released June 2015) is a very different book to his first. Stemming from a dream he had in 1997, Trying to Run In Prison is a tense Psychological thriller which delivers a killer twist at the end. The book begins with us discovering 3 dead bodies in a room and then takes us on the nightmare journey of 3 characters with one inevitable destination. A must for those with a love for mystery books with an edge.

Jack Jackson V's The Midnight Army (Due for release Autumn 2015): The book tells the story of a 10 year old boys who meets a mysterious old lady. She tells Jack about an identical galaxy to ours on the opposite side of the universe. Jack is transported an exact likeness of Earth via one of the Great Stones and is swept up in an ancient battle of good and evil which threatens not only the newly discovered world, but his own. A must for fans of Roald Dahl and C S Lewis.

Come and say hello at: www.emlynhall.com

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