Destined to Meet

A Destined Novel

With the support of her faithful Hunters, Anala travels home for the first time in centuries. After six hundred years
of living, what could possibly be out there that she hasn’t seen? What she finds will shock even her.

We met Anala and her eclectic group of Hunters in Destined to Kill. We experienced their pain in Destined to Love.
In Destined to Meet, Anala will face her past, present and future all at once. Will she survive the journey? Will her Hunters? And, what will Anala choose to do when she finds out the Society of Hunters and her parents’ legacy are in jeopardy?

This is the final book in the Destined Series. Follow Anala and her Hunters in their final quest to see how it all ends.

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"...the final book in the Destined series. I fell in love with Anala from the first page of the first book and this book did not let me down. I have enjoyed reading this entire series and the final book will not disappoint it's faithful readers."

"I can say the way this series ended was perfect!!! I loved reading these books as I couldn't put them down and read them in a few days. Will be looking for more books by this author."

"What a brilliantly written series....with this installment, the, conclusion kept me guessing with the unique take on vampire/human relationships broken down into specific groups with which anything could have happened during the battles that ultimately lead to the final conflict. The large cast of characters are all really well developed and continue to evolve as the saga leads them all into the final fray. I enjoyed and shared in the happy and sometimes truly laughable moments as well as the pain of loss, uncertainties and Unbelievable loyalties that bonded this courageous group into family. I strongly recommend starting from the beginning of this amazing story, not only to better understand the who, what and why of things, but you really don't want to miss out on any of the action which, believe you me starts at the beginning of this story that will compel you on to the amazing conclusion.
I certainly do recommend this as a must read, and I apologize for the lack of spoilers. LOL, I just don't do them......Go. experience. and enjoy!"

"This is a wonderful way to end this series. The final showdown which gives hunters, innocents, enforcers and leaders living in fear of the priestess and marcus freedom. Each character has a dynamic personality and all end up with a happy ending that should have them."


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About Jourdyn Kelly

I’ve been in Houston, Texas, writing novels and designing websites since 2009. Moving here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because I’ve been able to live wonderfully, and write my heart out. I’ve always enjoyed the arts in one form or another. Music sets the mood, reading stimulates my brain, and writing allows me to utilize my imagination in any way I want. I’ve been writing stories since I was a teen, and figured out writing was my passion when I finished my first novel, Something About Eve.

I love being captivated by books that lead me into different, exotic places, and through impossible scenarios. I love being able to become someone else for a time. Reading has always inspired me to bring my own characters out to play. My hope is that my writing will inspire others, or at the least, give them a way to escape from everyday life for a little while.

As web designer, etc. for singer/actress Deborah Gibson, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in wonderful experiences, travel around the country and meet exciting people. Just recently, I was able to travel to Berlin, and meet some fantastic people. It’s experiences like this, I believe, that help me create unique, and (hopefully) lovable characters.

I will be continuing the LA Lovers series with Ellie’s book next. Each book will be a stand-alone, but look for Eve, Lainey, and Adam to show up here and there. I truly hope you enjoyed Blaise and Greyson. You’ll be able to see more of them in the next book!

I spend my time writing, designing websites and caring for what is really a zoo with 3 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, 2 frogs and 2 turtles. In the recent years, I've changed my lifestyle to include working out and eating right. I now compete in triathlons, have run two half-marathons, and love yoga.

I love bringing my characters out for everyone to meet. My goal is to keep writing in many different genres, as I feel there shouldn't be anything limiting writers.

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