Morbid Hearts

Dead Hearts (Vol. 1)

Cadence Sinclair was a seventeen year old girl from America's heartland who loved horseback riding, a comfortable pair of jeans, and hanging out with her friends.

That was before the Scourge.

It's been eleven months since a deadly virus wiped out billions. For the few who remain, life as they knew it is over. Nations fells, governments were rendered obsolete, and resources became scares. The human race had to start over, facing even greater odds...


Now, Cadence leads safety patrols and supply missions for a survivor's camp at Pike's Peak. When a routine mission goes south, Cadence gets more than she bargained for. She must lead a ragtag group of teens against an onslaught of scavengers, zombies, power-hungry military leaders...and a mutating virus.

Her team, the Fighting Tigers, face increasing dangers threatening the stability of the camp. An uprising in their fragile, new home may bring further devastation, but what they discover lurking beyond their security fences could be the end of the human race.


Spencer Wilding, a/k/a Darth Vader from 'Rogue One' states - "I give Dead Hearts two thumb's up!"

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About Susanne Lynn Lambdin

Susanne Lambdin is best known for writing Star Trek: The Next Generation, Eps. 76 "Family", for which she received a "based in part" credit. Dead Hearts Novels follows the saga of Cadence, a strong female character, and her friends as the grow up in a zombie apocalypse.


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