Cyborg in Cygnus

There were six ships coming at her from planetary orbit. She had no idea of their intent, but it did scare her even though they hadn't actually fired on her ship the last time they met, they had fired on her new friends, the Clubbies. Plus her ship had come to the Clubbies aid with defensive missiles. “Damn it,”she thought, I am just a pilot and explorer. I don’t even know how to fight a space ship and I can’t translate out of here in time to avoid a confrontation.” Fortunately she does have someone on board that does.


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Some refer to men in my age group  as Dirty Old Men. Many years ago I was subjected to professional brainwashing by a group antagonistic to the American Dream. That effort was wasted so I guess I qualify. I have more college credits than any sane person needs, yet I continue to take college courses online, my status as a soiled senior citizen notwithstanding.

I began writing some sixty years ago in a few different genres which I have narrowed to three: Science Fiction – Political Commentary – Erotic Romance. My Current published work, Cyborg in Cygnus is Science Fiction, just in case the title didn’t give you a sufficient hint.

While I have been called many things, I answer most readily to Rick. My formal name is Richard Allen and that is the name I use on the cover of my writing.

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