A YA Dystopian Thriller (The Resistance Series Book One)

The government uses fear to control you. Show no fear, and they will destroy you.Still raw from the death of his parents, eighteen-year-old Tommy Bailey isn't sure if he wants to live—until he meets complex and intriguing Careen. He comes to her aid during a terrorist gas-strike, sharing his last dose of the government-mandated antidote that, they've been told, is key to their survival.

Without enough antidote, the teens expect to die. Instead, they discover the terrorist attack wasn't real, and the antidote was never meant to protect them—it was meant to dull their thoughts and make them easy to control. As he and Careen search for the truth, Tommy learns that his parents were operatives in an underground resistance group that's fighting to overthrow the government. The Resistance expects him to continue his parents' crusade. The government's hunting him down. Which side will get to him first?


"An exuberant start to a promising new YA series about a totalitarian America." —Kirkus Reviews

"A fast-paced thriller. Perfect for any fans of The Hunger Games!"  --The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

If you like a gripping dystopian thriller, then you don't want to miss Book One of the Resistance Trilogy by Tracy Lawson. Counteract is a great read, and its main characters, Tommy and Careen, are easy to like. What puts this above many other dystopian thrillers is that the events Lawson portrays could easily happen to us. The fear she weaves throughout is palpable and makes the reader wonder....what if?

The author has a clean, clear writing style that makes this an easy-to-read novel. And while she does an excellent job of wrapping up the first story, there's plenty of cliffhanger left to make you long for the story to continue.

Just how much power will the government have over us when 2034 arrives? Will we have any personal freedoms left at all? The scenario proposed by this novel could be exactly what we're facing. I just hope I'm as courageous as Careen when the time comes.

I'm ready for the sequel!

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About Tracy Lawson

Tracy Lawson knew she wanted to be a writer from the time she could read. In the first grade, she authored sixty-seven contact-paper bound books through her school's Young Authors program. Though that pace proved impossible to maintain, she always intended to be a real author one day.

While working toward her Bachelor's degree in Communication at Ohio University, she studied creative writing with the late Daniel Keyes, author of Flowers for Algernon. After short stints as a media buyer and an investigative analyst, she settled into a 20-year career in the performing arts, teaching tap dancing in Columbus, Ohio, and choreographing musicals. Though her creative energies were focused on dance, she never lost her desire to write, and has a non-fiction book to her credit: Fips, Bots, Doggeries, and More, (McDonald & Woodward, 2012).


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