Compelling Conversations : Selected Chapters

These 11 thematic chapters have been selected and revised for The Language Company in their Level 2 speaking skills class. This intermediate ESL (English as a Second Language) conversation textbook includes quotations, paraphrasing activities, proverbs, quotations, surveys, and online assignments. Chapter titles are: Being Yourself; Studying English; Pet Peeves; Holidays and Celebrations; Eating Out; What Do You Think?; Change; Handling Stress; Work Relationships; Practicing Job Interviews; Voting and Choosing Leaders. All chapters are adapted from the original ESL textbook Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics.

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Eric Roth teaches international students the pleasures of writing and public speaking in English at University of Southern California. He has also taught various ESL courses at Santa Monica College, UCLA extension and Cal State - Long Beach's American Language Institute. Roth also taught university students in France and Spain and directed the summer program at APU International High School in Vietnam.

Toni Aberson taught English and supervised English Teachers for 35 years, and believes in a lively classroom is the optimal learning environment.

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