Common Sense

While they’re busy chasing down the mad scientist who’s kidnapping amnesiacs to mess with their minds and trying to avoid being the next victims in a plot that could devastate Major League Baseball and kill them in the process, newly-wed private investigators Raam Commoner and Kayman Karl just don’t have a lot of time for foreplay. But somehow they manage to take some detours through the bedroom on route from a farmhouse in Montana to a major league baseball stadium to a Las Vegas brothel in a near fatal race to wring some common sense out of a lying client and a well-funded conspiracy.

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A Home Run. Bach is a modern Raymond Chandler, and his hero Raam Commoner is an updated Philip Marlowe with a law degree and a libido. The book is filled with clever writing . . . I’d love to see a weekly television series based on this pair. A good read.–John & Sheila Ransom,*****Amazon Reviews 

‘Common Sense’ pulls you into a mystery immediately . . . imaginative plotting and repartee. . . an enjoyable page-turner.”-Barbara Connely,****GoodReads Reviews

“Baseball, money and hot sex . . .”–Susanne Wilder, **** Amazon Reviews

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Richard David Bach was born in New York City and grew up on the south shore of Long Island. He acquired a Civil Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, where it was claimed that the mechanical and nuclear engineers designed weapons while his fellow civil engineers built targets.ROTC at RPI led to a commission in the Air Force and two years on active duty overseeing design and construction of anti-missile radar sites in the Arctic, after which he accidentally migrated to Portland, Oregon where he studied law at the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College.With law school and the bar exam behind him, he joined Stoel Rives, LLP, one of Portland's most prestigious law firms, where he founded and chaired the firm's Environmental Law Practice Group -- practicing environmental law until he retired to take up writing.Richard David Bach lives and writes near Portland where he dotes upon his wife (always his first reader), four children, nine grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.His short stories and blog rants can be found at his website:

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