The Truth Shall Set You Free

Unfortunately, a former CIA Chief of Station privy to EYES ONLY intelligence says, “Every American should read Codename Wildcard!” “Unfortunately,” because the great theme we received as insights turns out to be fact not fiction—unsettling truth about the successful Soviet strategy destroying American freedom from within.

Discover also a landmark prescription for holistic management of suicidal PTSD—eye-opening hope for veterans and their families who suffer from this heartbreaking cost of war. Endorphins five hundred times more powerful than prescription drugs. Enlightening possibilities for healing, bonding and energizing any couple’s relationship.

A page-turning historical thriller. Intriguing relationships. Sizzling sex. Inspired by a true-life story. From Forks, Washington, comes Jason MacDougall, a dynamic forester with paranormal survival gifts, convinced that his life has a purpose. He must battle North Korean kidnappers, survive suicidal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and out-smart Russian Spetsnaz assassins whom he alone can identify. He becomes the nemesis of a Soviet Cold War operation to establish their ideological subversion of American democracy. Jason accepts his deadly destiny to help save his country from being blind-sided by this Trojan Horse – from mindlessly trading American freedom, abundance and power for seductive entitlements leading to a life of impoverished serfdom and fear.


"Passion, Intrigue, Action ... and Love of Country: the first section in Korea is both eerily timely and one of the most intense wartime scenarios I've ever read. The hero's journey to regain his soul is also very moving. A good read for men with warriors hearts and the women who love them. An essential read for anyone who loves the U.S. and those who dedicate their lives to it." Codename Dijiemzi, Historian/Analyst

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About Diana MacFarland

Diana MacFarland is the pen name for a husband and wife team
with a remarkable background. Between them they have
paranormal survival skills, top-secret clearance, and access to experts in intelligence and to key government figures.

Educated at Bryn Mawr College, the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of Washington School of Forestry, their exceptional academic and athletic abilities have been put to the test in advanced scuba training by Navy Seals, extraordinary marksmanship, and championship sailing and boat handling.

They have performed surveillance work for government agencies and have survived the deadly challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder even as they developed patented breakthrough underwater equipment and created award-winning films.

They live in the Florida Keys with a boatful of furry four-footed friends.

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