Citadel: First Colony

It’s been more than a century since humanity escaped the overpopulation of Earth, expanding out among the stars. We’ve faced and overcome war with an alien race. We’ve survived terrorist attacks meant to end colonization. We’ve thrived despite unregulated class distinctions, separating the wealthy from the working class.

What comes next may be the end of it all.

A lone colony of human castaways, led by a former alien enemy, find themselves at the mercy of a saboteur and a plot to end humanity’s unrestricted travel among the stars. This could be the finale of the colonies and the end of a species. Everything depends on how smart - and how forgiving - humanity can actually be.

"This series is like LOST meets Andy Weir's 'The Martian.' Funny. Action packed. Full of mystery and packed with characters you love from page one."

"Groundbreaking work, ready for the science fiction hall of fame!"

"Tumlinson's Citadel series is an amazing fantasy omnibus, one of the best sci fi boxed sets you can read."

"It has all the humor, complexity and charm of books by Andy Weir and Hugh Howey — a rich sci-fi landscape that constantly surprises and keeps you turning page after page."


"There was something so fascinating about this story and the cast of characters he put together."

- Leah Petersen, Author of "Fighting Gravity"

"This well-written science fiction story will capture your interest on page one and won’t let go until you finish. The characters are mysterious, fascinating, and likable.

- James Chalk, Author of "Meat Market"

"Tumlinson managed to inject quirkiness and humor that was both unexpected and gave the characters even more depth."

- JoAnn Takasaki, Author of "Luau Like a Local: The Easy Way”

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About Kevin Tumlinson

You know those guys who sit in Starbucks, sipping lattes from paper cups, tapping a toe to the overhead music, and occasionally (awkwardly) laughing aloud as they type away on their MacBook for hours? Kevin is that guy. Usually with a bow tie.

Kevin is a speculative fiction author who lives, works, and occasionally plays in the Greater Houston Area. He and his wife, Kara, enjoy "dream driving" in nicer neighborhoods than they can afford, bickering about where they'll live when they win a hypothetical lottery they never play. Until then, Kevin keeps doing what he loves -- and what he loves is telling stories in exchange for fistfuls of money. Buy his books.

You can learn more about Kevin and his work on his website at You can also follow him on Facebook (/kevintumlinson) and Twitter (@kevintumlinson). He is no longer responding to smoke signals, and apologizes for the inconvenience.

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