Chrome Cady

A Quote Woman on the Run
Front cover to book Chrome Cady

I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Too bad! Chrome Cady is chock-full of quotations and we don’t know nuthin! But life is for learning, sometimes the hard way.

Chrome Cady is a raunchy tale of running away to a world of watching and being watched, colored ambiguous by nonbinary gradients in which male and female intermingle. It’s a ribald romp of friendship and artwork fueled by the Power of Belief and the faith to Begin Again, with intersexed, androgynous, transgender, and other genderqueer folks leading their lives in pretty much open-hearted acceptance of the so-called gendernormal people among them.

Enter a world of luminous paintings, laughing bells, and fireflies. But don’t expect to stay long: Everyone goes away.

And check out those quotations!

Please: If you see Cady Villanueva [McKessnor] Anderson Stroble _____, give her a hug, give her this book, and tell her to call me!

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About Jimbeaux Dean

Jimbeaux Dean aka JBD is an artist helping to create the myths of our times—myths holding truths that can’t be expressed in other ways. By capturing images and pieces of our archetypes, culture, and collective conscious, then getting people to look at the artwork—focus on it—he strengthens that fragment of mythos within the social psyche.

Or maybe he just likes making stuff.

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