Child of the Kindred

The Rinefield Chronicles Book 2

The award winning epic fantasy series continues, to find the kingdom of Gwenlais under siege. The newly married Princess Laurel held captive, the Sentinels of Heathwin, held at bay with threat of her death. Will Laurel's beloved Prince Caleb, reach her in time, before she and Gwenlais suffer more devastation by Warwick's violence and treachery? Will their love and their kingdoms survive all they have lost? Will new life rise from the ruins? Join them once again, as the kingdoms of Gwenlais and Heathwin enter a new era of loss, love, hope, and triumph. Enter the world of Reinfield a realm filled with daring adventure, breathless romance, and characters that will capture and stay in your heart.

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About M.T. Magee

I am the Award winning Silver medal recipient of Ireland's 2015 Drunken Druid Award also Finalist for the 2016 IAN Book of the Year Award for First Novel I also received The Finalist Award from Readers' Favorite for Fantasy Romance on Sept. 1st 2016
I am an international bestselling author of #YA historical medieval epic fantasy, that is beautifully romantic and whispers of Gaelic legend. I am very honored to also be listed as Listopia's #1 Fantasy Romance (not urban) as well as #1Best First Book in a Fantasy or Sci-fi series.
I live in New England on a small farm with my husband Francis Magee, and son Charles. My oldest son Tyler just moved to Virginia with his bride of three years, Jackie. We raise mini goats, rabbits, and far too many ducks and chickens.
My favorite authors are Tolkien, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, and the earlier works of Terry Brooks.
I have always loved fantasy especially that in the epic scope. It has to be romantic, because what is epic fantasy without an epic romance

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