Chasing the Wind

Kasey Hunter has lived a lifetime and she’s only 25 years old. Her strength is what has helped her survive, but it’s also what’s kept her alone.Her mother is the only family she’s ever known. After Kasey loses her mother to Alzheimer’s, the few friends Kasey hasn’t pushed away rally around her. Her co-worker at Summer’s Coffee Shop and her customers at the Rusty Anchor watch over her. Willow, the woman who annoys Kasey most, may become her best ally, despite Kasey’s objections.Being Kasey’s friend under normal circumstances is like chasing the wind. But when she’s faced with information that changes everything she’s known about her past, Kasey will have to decide if it’s worth holding on to her bitterness, or if she can finally let down her guard and embrace whatever promises the future holds.

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About Lisa Volz

Lisa is a contemporary fiction author. Her novels appeal to female readers and have themes of hope, perseverance and forgiveness. They are good for a book club read or for a cozy read with a cup of coffee.

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