Carl Goes to Mouse World

A dog, a parrot, a mouse, and lots of cats. What could go wrong? Upset over a lack of attention from his humans, Carl the Cat sets out with his friends to confront the source of his agitation... Marvin the Mouse. Carl Goes to Mouse World follows the adventures of Carl and his animal buddies as they learn about the value of friendship and ultimately, acceptance. This is an adventure for all ages. A great book about friendship and overcoming differences.

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Kari Turks:

What a cute story, that also has a good moral.  It's a book you could give a child or grandchild.  I hope the author has more books up his sleeve.

Gregg Williams:

I don't ordinarily read books like this one, but I sat down with it and had a great time.  The story and message are a refreshing change considering all that is going on around us of late.  For anyone who wants to enjoy a book that has a positive message and an engaging story, I heartily recommend this one.

Blaine Willis:

A great read for the grandkids.  I would recommend this for any child.

Sandra Monette:

What an awesome book.  An amusing, fun story that both young and old will enjoy.  Your family will never look at their pets the same again.

Iryna Boehland:

I loved this book so much. My child will love it as well.  This book is full of kind humor and wisdom.  It is one of those stories I could envision being a movie someday.

Jay Gallagher

A nice adventure for all ages! A chapter per day with my seven year old. A good read, and a nice time with our beginning reader. We really enjoy it!

Emily C.

This book is full of charm and good humor that will be enjoyed by kids and their grownups alike! Since reading the book myself, I have also bought it for several young friends who I know will love it.As someone always on the lookout for good, quality books for my nieces and nephews, I love finding wholesome chapter books suitable for younger readers. This book will entertain everyone who opens it!


I knew cats were smart! A great book full of life lessons!


Simply BRILLIANT!!!  This book was thoroughly entertaining! Truly a story for all ages with timeless life lessons about friendship, comraderie, and adventure. Thank you R.J. Richards for writing such a heartwarming and humorous book. Your clever tale is sure to become a classic.

Aaron Custer

Ellery says: Carl the cat (a brown tabbie) has a lack of attention from his humans because of Marvin Mouse. Marvin is said to be a giant mouse who runs a resort for humans with his wife, Mary Mouse. Carl sets out with his friends Rex and Cindy. They also met more friends along the way. A pit bull, a parrot and even a mouse! When they get to Mouse World Rex immediately sees Marvin. Two men catch Rex and lock him up. Eventually Carl gets him out and they figure that Marvin is just a person dressed up as a mouse. I loved this book because it was interesting having animals be the main characters.

Homer Boston

"Carl goes to mouse world" is a very readable and clever story. It's a light in an otherwise dark world. It's a great book to read to the kids at bedtime or read for your own entertainment. You won't be able to put it down. Highly recommended.

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