Captain No Beard

An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life

Captain No Beard and his pirate ship The Flying Dragon set sail for a voyage of the imagination with his fearless crew of four: First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the loudmouthed lion, and Fribbit the floppy frog. Normally a young boy named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and three stuffed animals, once they board his bed their world is transformed into a magical vessel, sailing the seven seas on dangerous and exciting adventures!

Captain No Beard - An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life named to Kirkus Reviews' BEST OF 2012 for Children's Indie Books, and garnered the star of remarkable merit!
"Roman charms with an imaginative,whimsical picture book that will entertain even the oldest pirates." Kirkus Review


"Roman draws the reader in from the first page with illustrations that are cheerful and clever." Kirkus Review

"It's awe-inspiring when a book offers young readers a sense of purpose and encourages them that they too can determine their own destinies with hard work and perseverance."The Children's Book Review

"She foregoes the often-used technique of rhyming text in favor of a more natural, conversational tone that effectively captures the spirit of a child's imagination and daily play." Foreword Review


"Carole Roman has tapped into exactly what my son wants in a book and he can't get enough of it. ...Captain No Beard is a fun book.  The illustrations are vibrant and done by hand.  None of the images are computer generated or even digitally enhanced -- which makes it all the more impressive." - The Picture Book Review, blog
"Captain No Beard is a fun book for children ages 3-6. Follow along on the imaginative and creative adventures of Captain No Beard and his fun loving crew which includes animals such as Linus the loud-mouthed lion and Mongo the mast-climbing monkey. A great bed time story! I give this one a thumbs up!" - Denise B, So Cal City Kids, blog
"Captain No Beard is a very fun, sweet picture that is full of imagination and heart. Carole P. Roman did an excellent job of drawing us all in to Alexander's active imagination. ... It is a very well written book that gets to the heart of an active child's play." - Jalynn Patterson, A Simple Life Really, blog
"My son and I thought this book was cute, funny, adorable and well-written. The illustrations are colorful, fun and capture the spirit of this tale. "Laura Fabiani, Library Of Clean Reads, blog
"As you read the children's book Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life by Carole P. Roman, you experience a thrilling day in the life of Captain No Beard and his trusty crew. ... The story of Captain No Beard and his crew is exciting, engaging and lots of fun! The bold, colorful pictures enhance the experience of the pirate adventure that Roman takes you on from the moment you begin reading until the very end of the story." - Kendra, Sippy Cup Mom, blog
"These books are fun and colorful and we both awed at the imagination of the characters. ... These books teach such valuable lessons in a fun and clear way. We love them!!" - Carrie, Crafty Moms Share, blog
"The story is written simply enough to where your child can read the book to you or by themselves. ... The graphics are just as amazing as the story. They are so cute. You can really feel what the characters are going through because of the expressions on their faces. They are very detailed. The colors are very vibrant, which will keep your children wanting to read the story." - Allergy Kid Mom's Book Reviews, blog

"This book is great for any kid that wants to get in touch with their pirate side and leads them to use their imagination to create fun right at home in their own bedroom!" - Miles Cassells & Mom for Reader Views, Book by Book Publicity
"The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the Captain's refrain ("Being a captain is hard work") is funny and just adorable.  I got a huge kick out of this Captain No Beard, and I highly recommend it." - the Zen of Motherhood, blog
"Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life is an amusing picture book that puts the reader in the minds of a young boy and girl who pretend they are sailing the seas aboard a pirate ship.  The story is filled with fun pirate quips such as "shiver me timbers!", "batten down the hatches", "sail ho", "Davy Jones's locker" and more." - Renee, Mother Daughter & Son Book Reviews, blog
"The pictures are bright and colorful. ...I really enjoy reading Carol P. Roman's books. They all prove to teach a lesson to kids... " - Jessica Cali, Cali Book Review, blog
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About Carole P. Roman

Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012 for her first book, award winning author Carole P. Roman started writing as a dare from one of her sons. Using an imaginary game she played with her grandson as a base, Captain No Beard was born."Captain No Beard- An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life" has not only been named to Kirkus Best of 2012, it received the Star of Exceptional Merit, and won the Pinnacle Award for 2012. "Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience" Book 2 in the series, received 5 Stars from The ForeWord Review The Clarion Review. Strangers on the High Seas has won second place in the Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards 2013. It has followed with six more books to the series. This year, Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis was named to Kirkus Best 2015. The entire cultural non-fiction series If You Were Me and Lived in... was named Best Series by Shelf Unbound. She has begun work on two new series that will be released in early 2016.
Motivated by her love of yoga, Roman has written a book that not only teaches four poses, but shows how easy and accessible yoga can be.
Her new non fiction series, "If You Were Me and Lived in..." combines her teaching past with her love of exploration and interest in the world around us. The debut book in the series, "If You Were Me and Lived in...Mexico" has won the Pinnacle Award for Best in Children's Non Fiction 2012. France, South Korea, and Norway. Rebecca's Reads has given If You Were Me and Lived in...Norway an honorable mention in the 2013 Choice Awards. If You Were Me and lived in ...France won second place. ForeWord Review has nominated If You Were Me and Lived in...France for best in children's non fiction literature 2013. They will be followed with Kenya, Turkey, India, and Australia. She plans to do Portugal, Greece, and Argentina next year.
Writing for children has opened up a whole second act for her. While she is still working in her family business, this has enabled her to share her sense of humor as well as love for history and culture with the audience she adores. Roman lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children.

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