Bumbling Bea

What's a girl to do?
Beatrice thinks she has no talent, but that doesn't stop her from auditioning for the annual middle school play.  Easy!  Except Michiko, a new girl from Japan, shows up and ruins everything.
So begins Beatrice's humorous and diabolical plan to scare away Michiko.  But Michiko has goals of her own with no plans to leave soon.  Then there's that "other" girl, Bumbling Bea, who is such a blabbermouth.  What's a girl to do?  Plenty.



"In addition to being a fun read, this story does what so much fine literature does--helps us to see that we are not alone"  
   Amazon reviewer 
"I used this book as a class read-aloud. My students really enjoyed it. Plus, it helped us to discuss handling not-so-nice feelings. We were fortunate enough to have Deborah Baldwin as a guest speaker and to have her read the first chapter. My students were able to ask her questions. My PTA purchased 7 books, one copy for each of the upper grade level classrooms. My copy is often checked out! A great read;"
Teacher, Ridgeway Elementary School
Bumbling Bea is a fantastic book for 3rd - 8th graders, especially those interested or involved in theater. The characters were relatable and the plot was easy to follow. A fine read!
     Amazon reviewer
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About Deborah Baldwin

Deborah Baldwin is an award winning drama teacher, professional actress and youth theatre administrator. She graduated from Stephens College with a BFA in theatre performance and a MED from Lesley College certified to teach drama, speech and English/language arts in Colorado and Missouri. Deborah has created seven youth theatre programs and serves as a consultant to several theatre companies in the mid-west. Many years ago she co-developed a national playwriting contest for youth theatre plays which is still in existence today. Deborah has directed over 250 full length productions, plays and musicals alike and has inspired many of her students to become professional actors, dancers, directors, playwrights and teachers. She and her husband, an instrumental music teacher, reside in their dream home in Colorado.


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