Broken Threads

1945 - Mussolini is dead. WWII is over. But not for my delusional Fascist  grandfather. Two partisan women are helping Jews escape, his own wife and daughter! But at what cost...

Synopsis:                                                                                             Tuscany 1945-1946
Carlo Sironi is an Italian textile manufacturer and a ruthless fascist patriarch.He has been planning to revive Fascism after the death of his friend, Benito Mussolini. Ironically, under his own roof, his wife Tina and their daughter, Maria, are helping Italian Jews escape via the river Arno. Tina has seen her husband’s cruelty first hand and has retaliated against him. The two women have secretly worked with Partisans, with the help of the village doctor, the priest and the nuns, disguising the refugees in nun's habits.

In Spring 1947 a charismatic and mysterious American soldier enters the Sironi women’s life and changes the course of their destiny and perhaps history, by marrying Maria. The man is a secret service agent. Three month later he vanishes and the newlyweds are separated forever. 

I am the result of that short union. Was it Carlo's plan or the result of an international diplomatic arrangement the cause of my father’s disappearance?
An intricate web of secrets, mysteries and lies, the fabric of my life! Yet if it ended an age of cruelty and prejudice in Italy I shall be glad for all my
broken threads... 

Historical novel, Fiction based on true events.


5 stars reviews on Amazon, 4 1/2 stars on Barnes and Noble with 4 star review from Readers Favorite website

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About Ingrid E. Pfeiffer

Ingrid Pfeiffer was born in Viareggio, Italy, in 1948.
Her book, Broken Threads, tells the story of her family.
Her mother was Italian, and the daughter of a wealthy fascist merchant who, brainwashed by the doctrines of Hitler and Mussolini, aspired to be the next great dictator, while his own wife and daughter were Partisans, secretly helping several Italian Jews escape.
Ingrid's father was an American soldier, and an under-cover secret service agent, assigned to put an end to the new surge of neo-fascism.
Her parents had met shortly after the end of WWII and were married in September 1947. Three months after the wedding, the soldier mysteriously disappeared. Ingrid found her father's whereabouts by happenstance while she was already an adult.
Although some of the names and events were changed for fictional purposes her story is based on true events.

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