Broken Shells

What happens when the structured relationship between an employer and employee becomes shaken by a terminal illness? This novel, “broken shells”, explores how boundary lines are tampered with and buried pains are unearthed when an aging white woman discovers that her long-time elderly black servant is dying.

Two seemingly separate stories become more obviously interwoven as the stories unfold. Although this is a contemporary piece, set primarily in Columbia, Charleston, and Pawleys Island, South Carolina - but also in parts of North Carolina - it provides the reader with a sense of place and historical perspective. There is humor and drama throughout; however, this snapshot into the lives of the characters involved is intended as a heartfelt look at human frailties, and the importance of forgiveness and spiritual renewal.



I loved the authentic Southern vibe of this rich story. The setting, the characters and the relationships all resonate with my South Carolina heritage. The dual story proved to be a page turner and I did not sense the connection until the author wove the story lines together. This is a story with heart. I look forward to seeing more from this talented author! JENNI WILSON

From the time I received my copy of this novel, I could not put it down. Like a swift moving mountain current, the two seemingly simultaneous yet seperate stories skillfully revealed on alternate chapters, propel the reader. Deena Bouknight has crafted a novel that is excitingly non-predictable yet highly believable. I agree with her character, Maxine, there is beautifulness in 'broken shells'. The first read through was swift, as I had to know . . . had to find out. . . how these seemingly seperate stories come together and end.
The second read was to savor and ponder the story, its nuances, and to challenge myself to recognize the many literary elements a gifted writer uses and incorporates. After reading Broken Shells, my next thought was . . . I hope Deena Bouknight is writing another book! MARGARET SMITH

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About Deena C Bouknight

Deena C. Bouknight writes for national and international consumer and trade magazines, as well as for general interest and regional magazines.

She has completed two literary novels, Broken Shells and Playing Guy. Broken Shells was published in August 2013; Playing Guy in June 2016. Deena has published one children’s book, Our Wintry Day Walk (Trafford), and was a contributor for Portraits of Grace: North Carolina Churches (Our State Books), Humor for a Sister’s Heart (Howard Publishing), and The Big Book of Christmas Joy (Howard Publishing).

She teaches writing and literature at a private school and for workshops.

She has a degree in English and Journalism from High Point University and a Certificate of Literature from Cambridge University in England.

She is a mentor for underprivileged children and a board member of Haiti Under God (HUG), a missions organization.

Deena resides in Columbia, S.C., with her husband and two children.


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