Born Again Losers

How To Win By Losing

Please join me in this venture learning about losing and winning.  This is my story about life and learning to live the Christian life that God desires.  Everyone has their ‘ups and downs’.  Our lives are somewhat defined by these events.  But even more so our lives are defined by how we handle these events.  We can’t choose what life throws at us but, we can choose what we do with it.  The good, the bad, the pretty and the not so pretty will come.  I can tell you that the best winning formula is the losing formula; the loss of self, the loss of pride, the loss of ego and any other sin that besets us.  The winning formula is to become a born-again loser!



I believe this book is very well written and has a message that many people need.  It’s my feeling that the life experiences that Rick has had, has given great insight to both positive and negative responses within the organized church.

I believe many people have had similar experiences but have remained silent for many reasons; for one because they did not know how to express their feelings or for fear they would be offensive to people.  I believe Rick has very tactfully approached many subjects and expressed himself well.  As people read this book it will give great insight and become a source of healing.


Edward E. Lindsey

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