The Third Adventure of the Glassmaker Series

This new thrilling adventure proves to be the most
perilous that Jacob Bell has undertaken as a secret
agent for Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I's spy-
master. Jacob is recruited by Henri, Duke of Guise, as
part of a convoluted plot to assassinate Queen
Elizabeth, free his cousin, Mary Stuart and install her
on the throne of England, forming a Catholic Anglo-
French alliance that will rule Europe.
Jacob's old enemy, Jed Sutton, becomes involved and
when Mary Stuart is arrested and tried for high
treason, he kidnaps Jacob's wife, Maria and eldest son,
Ric o, forcing Jacob to help him to rescue the Scottish
This seemingly impossible task and a
desperate gamble, taken to save his family, leads to a
violent struggle, as the book reaches its exciting climax.

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About Peter Cooke

Born in Belper, Derbyshire 24th November, 1936 and educated at the local grammar school. At various times, I have been a Laboratory Manager, Dyehouse Manager, Chief Colourist, General Manager, Group Operations Manager, Teacher, Lecturer, Pensions Officer, Retired. Writer, Author and Publisher.

I married my partner on 30th October, 2009. I have one son, born 1977 and have inherited a large family from my new wife.

Hobbies: Cricket(playing), Football(watching Man. United), History (especially 16th Century), Collecting glass, painting and writing. (but not necessarily in that order)

How do I occupy my time? Apart from writing and publishing books that is. Well, I'm a practicing Christian, which to me means I am very much involved in church matters in Baildon where I have lived for over thirty years. I'm a Deputy Churchwarden and former C of E school governor. We have done a very unfashionable thing in the Church of England, we've built a church, not closing it. St.James is a 100 year old sectional wooden church, originally erected in Great Warley in Essex and transported to Yorkshire on a traction engine. The church has been carefully taken apart, moved to a new site thirty yards away and rebuilt. The remaining land was sold for housing and the money used to rebuild the church and a new meeting room with kitchens and toilets etc. The church is now finished and is fantastic. It is being used by a large number of people each week as we have develop it as a multi-purpose community church.

The recent launch party for my latest novel Blood-Red Goblet was held in the church main hall and was a great success. See the photos at the post Book Lunch Party

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