Blackmail, Sex and Lies

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Blackmail, Sex and Lies is a novel, based on a true story set in Glasgow, Scotland, 1857. Vengeful actions, calculating seduction, illicit sex, blackmail, and murder with an ill-timed death - this novel has it all.

This is a story of deception, scandal, and fractured traditional Victorian social values. It is the tale of a naïve, young woman, Madeleine Hamilton Smith, caught up in a whirlwind romance with an older man, Pierre Emile L’Angelier. However, matters become complicated when a love triangle ensues. Both protagonists have personality flaws that inevitably result in poor choices and a tragic end.

Written in British English as creative nonfiction.


"Kathryn McMasters has done it again. I read her debut Victorian mystery novel of "Who Killed Little Johnny Gill", a true story of a murder mystery. I didn't hesitate to get her next book, "Blackmail, Sex and Lies". The author is a master of penning detailed descriptions immersing you into the story. In this book through meticulous research, the scene is set in Glasgow, Scotland in 1857." Lilly Brock

"I highly recommend “Blackmail, Sex and Lies” to anyone who enjoys true crime, historical fiction, or a gripping murder mystery." PromptProse

"I found myself racing through the last half of the book to see how it unfolded. The book opens with Emile’s death, so although you know how it ends (or rather how he ends), the power of the story lies in how toxic their relationship becomes, and whether her actions suggest murder. And ultimately what happens to Madeleine afterwards.
Highly recommended." Mountolive

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Kathryn McMaster is a writer of true crime murders. Her award-winning debut novel, "Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?" depicting a crime so horrendous it was thought to be the work of Jack the Ripper, was a best seller. When she writes true crime novels these are based on true stories, melding fact with fiction, and writing in the creative nonfiction style. Her true crime books, using only the facts, are well researched making sure no stone is unturned. With an intense interest in the criminal mind and forensic science she successfully lays bare the dark side of the human mind.

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