Dreaming of a Morgan Horse

Winner of the national book award, "Children's Choices" co-sponsored by the International Reading Association and The Children's Book Council!

Blackjack introduces Heather Richardson, a horse-loving youngster who has a problem: She keeps dreaming of a beautiful black Morgan Horse, and her dreams have told her that he s in danger and that she needs to save him. She s thrilled when she discovers that the horse is real and, with the encouragement of Blackjack s owner, she learns to ride and show while developing a strong bond with the animal. But when tragedy strikes and Blackjack falls into the hands of a cruel trainer, Heather must find a way to get her beloved horse back before it is too late...

A note to parents: We are often asked about the content of our children's books. Do they contain any themes/topics that a parent may find objectionable for a young child? Does anybody die (horse or human)? Do they have sad endings? We are happy to report that our books are 100% child safe. While there is conflict within each story (friendships are tested, a horse becomes ill, etc.), nobody dies and each book has a happy ending. Additionally, while the main character in the Morgan Horse series is a girl, and one of her best friends is a boy, their relationship is platonic. They're too busy having fun with their horses.

An Accelerated Reader Book.

The inspiration for the Breyer Animal Creations Blackjack model horse. Sold with a copy of the award-winning book.

Ages 9 - 13


Mrs. Feld has a true gift in capturing the imagination and engaging the reader. It isn't always easy to find a set of books that will be read willingly by pre-teens! Kudos to Mrs. Feld on her delightful Morgan Horse Series. - Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The reader will experience the thrill of competition in the ring as Heather and Blackjack participate in shows... Anyone who loves horses will love this series. - Catholic Library Journal

A wonderful story about the special bond between a girl and her horse. There is something in this book for everyone who likes horses. - Brian Sosby, Editor, Equestrian Magazine

When you read this book, you can't just read a chapter at a time. Be prepared to sit down in a comfortable chair, grab a pair of fuzzy slippers and a mug of hot chocolate, and read Blackjack cover to cover. - Cassie Mayer, Vermont Morgan Horse Association

To find a series of books that not only kids like to read but can entertain adults is great! Willow Bend Publishing has done just that. -

...this book will be a hit with horse lovers. - Young Rider Magazine

Feld takes the reader through a whirlwind of emotions as Heather manages to save her beloved horse. Her accurate and detailed descriptions of basic horsemanship and stable management make the Morgan Horse Series books not only fun adventure stories, but educational as well. - Susan Dudasik, Just Horses

Blackjack is a delightful read for horse lovers of any age! - Sherry Cole, Past President, The American Morgan Horse Association.

Blackjack is a wonderful book for young readers, showing them what a little hard work and perseverance can accomplish.  - Jennifer Walker, A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book

Younger girls will be girls will remember back to when just being near a horse was all you needed to make your day. - Katherine Walcott, Eventing USA.

It is nice to read a junior novel that focuses on a teenager and a Morgan Horse. Ellen Feld has written a warm and rewarding horse story. This book would make a great present for a young rider and reader. - Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar.

Blackjack is a fast-reading, enchanting story about a girl and a Morgan Horse. The book will greatly appeal to readers as there is plenty of horse action, starting in the first chapter.  – Anthony P. Locorini, Editor, Tri-State Horse

Blackjack is a delightful book that will pull the heartstrings of any horse lover - it belongs in your Morgan library. - The American Morgan Horse Association.

I loved reading Blackjack! In addition to this being perfect reading (and a great gift idea) for all young, horse-crazy girls, horse enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy the story too! - Chris Cassenti, trainer of World Champion Morgan Horses and riders at Chrislar Morgan Horse Farm

In a winning style, with clear, correct information about the horses she knows well, Feld chronicles the story of Heather excellent book for any young horse lover, Blackjack manages to be both engaging and provide insight into the complex world of modern horse breeding and showing.– Nancy Ambrosiano, co-author of Complete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small

I can totally see why this author has won so many awards. A very gifted writer who knows not just children well, but horses too, and the passion that makes us all so in love with everything horse. Highly recommended. - - The International Equestrian Shop


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About Ellen F. Feld

Ellen Feld is an IRA/Children's Choices winner (twice) who began writing about horses more than 20 years ago. At first she wrote for small, regional magazines, but within a few short years, her work began to appear regularly in large, national publications. In 2001, while waiting for her next assignment, Ms. Feld wrote a short story about a Morgan Horse. That tale became the first chapter of Blackjack: Dreaming of a Morgan Horse. The book went on to win a coveted Children s Choices award, an honor bestowed jointly by the International Reading Association and the Children s Book Council. To date, Ms. Feld has authored ten books, including seven in the Morgan Horse series. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two children, ten horses, and assorted other pets.

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