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Black Cat

A City's Doom

There is a distant city that is about to meet its doom, but it takes a while for the doom to take full effect. Fatal things have happened, but it is not enough. That is why a pair of messengers came to the city. Their names are Black Cat and her associate, and their job is to deliver messages to their assigned people who are still in the city. Their job seems easy, but it has advantages and disadvantages, and they get the advantages. The two venture through the city to deliver these special messages, and get brutal events in return.

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About Ibidun

Ibidun has been writing for a long time and wrote a few books at a young age. After he/she had written those books, he/she advanced in his/her previous school and learned more about writing. A few years later, he/she decided that he/she wanted to become an author and wrote "Qualiteria High", "The Mysterious Man", and "Black Cat".

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